stump grinding shoalhaven

Stump Grinding Shoalhaven

Stump Grinding Shoalhaven

If you’re looking for a thorough stump grinding Shoalhaven and surrounds have counted for more than 16 years, look no further than Inlet Tree Services. Our tree stump grinding work on your residential and commercial properties will leave your properties highly desirable and attractive once more, thanks to our expert and reliable stump grinding contractors.

Tree stumps are very unsightly. Especially if they’re infested and rotting. They can even bring termites and carpenter ants that will wreak havoc not only to your home and property but to other foliage in your yard. It even houses fungi that can be hazardous to your pets and children. We’re here to help you not let that happen.

No more stump grinding hire for you once the trees have been cut down. We have our own powerful stump grinder to work on the tree stump and grind it into pieces. The grinder is expertly guided and manoeuvred over the whole stump as its rotating blade reduces the wood to bits and brings the stump below ground level. You will definitely need an expert to do this. One that’s been delivering the best stump grinding Shoalhaven and surrounds have ever experienced. Inlet Tree Services.

Local Stump Grinding

Inlet Tree Services is your local stump grinding company serving Shoalhaven and surrounds. We have performed hundreds of tree stump grinding on both residential and commercial properties, adding more value to these properties that brought back smiles on the faces of our customers. Once you have contracted us for stump grinding, we will make sure that your lawn and yards will look pristine again and ready for any creative landscaping you have in mind.

We’re one of the leading tree service providers here in NSW and we strictly adhere to all environmental laws governing tree removals and other services, observe and implement all safety standards and protocols in accomplishing our jobs by using the latest tools and equipment, updating our knowledge and certifications regularly, and being fully insured for our mutual protection.

Stump Grinding Prices

Here at Inlet Tree Services, our stump grinding prices are at par with the best tree services here in Shoalhaven and surrounds. But what you’ll be getting is our excellent customer service and attentive personnel who will attend to your stump grinding needs. They’re all licenced experts and certified arborists. But just for the record, the average minimum cost of stump grinding is between $120 and $200 but that also depends on the amount of time consumed when doing the job. Cost per hour varies per company but it usually falls around $200. That said, the stump grinding job is usually completed within 15 to 25 minutes.

Tree Stump Removal

If you’re looking for a professional tree stump removal service you can rely on, call Inlet Tree Services. Like tree removals, there are various ways of removing tree stumps, like digging the stump out or grinding it, among others. Whatever method will be used, we will make sure that we’re observing the proper way of removing tree stumps.

Our highly trained crew has vast experience in removing tree stumps that they know what’s best for your needs. We also clean up after every tree and stump removal we do, keeping the grounds clean and clear of all debris. So what are you waiting for? If those tree stumps have been bothering you for the longest time, give us a call and we will give you a free quote.