Firewood sale Shoalhaven Inlet Trees


Firewood Sale Shoalhaven

There’s a firewood sale Shoalhaven residents and surrounds should check out—Inlet Tree Services. We offer firewood for sale, ones with high burning quality. Recycled from various trees, the firewood undergoes ageing process for several years before they are split and sold. This makes our firewood burn clean and slow. Suitable for burning in open fires, campfires, potbelly stoves, and the like, our firewood is a mix of different hardwoods perfect for burning.

Note that not all firewood is created equal. Some burn fast with little heat generated, others burn slow and generate heat, producing little amount of smoke which makes it environment friendly. Our high-quality firewood belongs to the latter. Inlet Tree belongs to a handful of firewood suppliers that supply such firewood. We also supply blocked or split firewood for sale and do firewood delivery for bulk orders. Find the firewood you need and more in our firewood sale Shoalhaven and surrounds are free to check out.

Firewood Sales

For affordable firewood, get in touch with Inlet Tree Services! We have been regularly supplying high-quality firewood to our customers from National Park, Bay & Basin area, Sussex Inlet, Sanctuary Point, and Huskisson. As a preferred firewood supplier, we offer you blocked or split firewood for sale in different cubic meter loads or in bulk. Our expert sales staff will gladly answer your enquiries about the kind of firewood that fits your requirements.

We believe that tree removal companies should be mindful of the ecological impact of the methods being employed in doing their tasks. We strictly observe the best eco-friendly practices to provide you with a slow burn, high heat yielding firewood. Expect our environmentally conscious sales staff to take care of your firewood needs.

Firewood Supplier

Inlet Tree Services is the firewood supplier of choice in Shoalhaven and surrounds. We have been servicing these areas for more than 16 years now. Aside from firewood, we also supply mulches and provide tree clearing services. We have supplied firewood to property owners and homeowners alike, for various purposes they need such as a heat source for campouts or for cooking food. For indoors, you can use them for your fireplace.

Our team of professional arborists has gone through our firewood stockpiles, and they can easily discuss with you the kind of firewood you need for your requirements. One thing we can assure you is that our firewood is aged properly, so you can expect a slow burn and high heat generation that can save you on your heating expenses during winter. Why not ask us about our firewood supplies?